In addition to its touring, the Van Egmond Group specialises in event merchandising of a significant nature. Initially through its subsidiary Starstruck Merchandise Pty Ltd (that was later sold to TNT) and now through Stage 5 the types of services the Van Egmond Group offer are;

  • Coordination of the range
  • Product importation, warehousing & distribution services
  • Advance Merchandising sales
  • Liaising with venues or outlets to determine requirements
  • Coordination of live event logistics
  • Event Financial Services

The Van Egmond Group has been involved in large scale merchandise events across sporting, major & live entertainment, some of these as outlined below;


The Van Egmond Group works closely with Stage 5 who is a leader in event merchandising.

Stage 5 is proud of its hard-earned reputation as a leader in Live Event Merchandising in Australasia. Their dedication to innovation, creativity and reliability has delivered merchandising success to a diverse range of clients and events.

Stage 5 embraces each event with a total commitment to sales maximisation for every client. They draw on over 20 years of live event merchandising and marketing experience, and are renowned for their innovative approach to every project.

Stage 5 has a wealth of experience and local knowledge throughout the Asian Region. The Stage 5 team has the personal and professional credentials to satisfy client expectations, with flexibility, creativity and sound financial backing.